Osbourn High School
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The Community Action Athletes program gives the Osbourn High School (OHS) student-athletes the opportunity to help others.  At Osbourn High School our student-athletes are able to combine their dedication in the classroom and perseverance on the playing field with a desire to benefit the local community. Community Action Athletes is a volunteer club committed in promoting our school and our student-athletics, coaches, and staff in a positive light; through a multitude of charitable community programs. The plan is to “give back” by continuing work with area hospitals, youth groups, volunteer organizations, and our schools, throughout the year.  The main focus of Community Action Athletes is to instill a better sense of pride in the school and community and by providing opportunities for student-athletes to serve. Student-athletes also have the ability to initiated and implemented service projects/activities with the assistance and support from the OHS Athletic Booster Club

Participating in Community Action Athletes allows our student-athletes see the positive impact they can have on others and their communities.  It's a chance for our student-athletes to learn what it means to be part of something bigger than themselves as they make a connection and relationships within their community.”  Our student-athletes are primarily known for what they do in the competition arena, but they are just as accomplished for what they do for the community when the spotlight isn’t on them.”

“Read with Eagle Pride”; a component of the Community Action Athletes program is intended to aid elementary school teachers by providing reading incentives for elementary school students in Manassas.  “Read with Eagle Pride” includes our student-athletes (in uniform) to visit schools and read to elementary school students; the program also allows elementary school students the opportunity to earn Eagle gifts along the way. Among the prizes given out are autographed team photos, posters, t-shirts and chances to meet Eagle student-athletes at various sporting events.

Proposed CAA events for 2012/13 School Year include: SERVE, a soup-kitchen during the Holidays, City of Manassas annual clean-up day, Spring Field Day with special education students, and TBD.


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